Neuroscience has experienced a revolution over the past decade, during which tremendous technological advances across several disciplines have dramatically expanded the frontiers of experimentally accessible neuroscientific facts. It is an evidence that the close collaboration between experimentalists and theoreticians in neuroscience is essential to develop mechanistic as well as quantitative understandings of how the brain performs its functions. However, for such collaborations to be effective, experimentalists must be well aware of the approaches and challenges in modeling while theoreticians must be well acquainted with the experimental techniques, their power and the challenges they present. CONECT gathers people within the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone with the aim of structuring these different components through a center independent of existing teams. CONECT has also the ambition to contribute to the training of a new generation of neuroscientists who will have all these qualities. CONECT aims to serve as an incubator within INT to promote the use of methodologies developed in computational and theoretical neuroscience, a catalyst for the creation and maturation of new multi-approach projects within INT and the local community.