the Computational Neuroscience Center @ INT

Tremendous technological advances

  • two photon imaging
  • large population recording-array technologies
  • optogenetic circuit control tools
  • transgenic manipulations
  • large volume circuit reconstructions

A transdisciplinary revolution

  • across several disciplines (physics, genetics, biology, robotics, psychiatry, ..)
  • and multiple scales (from micro to macro, from short to long-term, from theory to biology)
  • new frontiers … and new challenges

CoNeCt: Computational Neuroscience Center

  • close collaboration between experimentalists and theoreticians
  • share state-of-the-art (experimentalists well aware of theoretical approaches, experimental techniques for theoreticians)
  • complementary in its purpose from neuroinformatics… but distinct

Objectives of CoNeCt

  • to create a space for scientific discussion and animation

  • train students and staff and attract young researchers:

  • structuring the network of computational neurosciences at INT, on Timone, on AMU and in France & International

Actions of CoNeCt


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