2024-04-19 : INT-CONECT seminar by Gorka Zamora-López

“A dynamical perspective for complex networks: applications to brain connectivity and consciousness”.

2024-04-19 42:30
  • When: Friday, April 19th 14:30 to 15:30
  • Where: salle Gastaut

During this INT/CONECT/LAËNNEC seminar, Dr Gorka Zamora-López will present his recent work on network analysis for structural and functional MRI data.

Abstract: The field of complex networks has become a central tool for studying real systems across various fields of research. Represented as graphs, different systems can be studied using the same analysis methods, which allows for their comparison. However, from a dynamical point of view, we show that network analysis is to be regarded as a model-based method, tunable for different model of navigation and spread of information. As such, we take stand that network topology and network dynamics shall be jointly studied. We illustrate the benefits of this approach for the analysis of neuroimaging functional data, over the traditional network metrics, as it coherently merges with measures of effective connectivity. In particular, applied to fMRI of patients suffering from disorders of consciousness, our approach could elucidate the disrupted propagation of activity in patients with long-term unresponsive wakefulness syndrome, and we could identify crucial neural circuits that are restablished in patients regaining minimal consciousness.

Gorka Zamora-López was supported by the Laënnec Institute (https://institut-laennec.univ-amu.fr/) for a stay at AMU/INT.

Gorka’s research lies at the cross-roads between neuroscience, complex networks and dynamical systems. He is based at the Center for Brain and Cognition Computational Neuroscience Group Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.
Matthieu Gilson
Matthieu Gilson
Researcher in Computational Neuroscience

Computational Neuroscience for Cognition and Neuropahtologies